Laser Beam Diagnostics

Laser Mechanisms is the exclusive North American distributor of the PRIMES line of beam power and measuring devices.


Power Measuring

The PocketMonitor is a compact, laser power measurement device for use in harsh production environments. Its aluminum housing protects electronic components against shock and humidity, and its fold-closed design further minimizes the chance of damage. Available in power ranges from 1 W to 12,000 W.


The PowerMonitor is a measuring device to determine laser power. The PowerMonitor provides information on the laser power independent of the display at the laser source – measured at the interaction zone. The device provides long-term stability, accuracy, reproducibility and short measuring times.


The PowerLossMonitor is a system to measure the power dissipated within water-cooled beam guiding components. The reading can be used to supervise the power loss in a beam guiding system and to determine service intervals for mirrors and similar optical components.


The CompactPowerMonitor delivers power measurement up to high-power densities with cylindrical or plane absorber. The CompactPowerMonitor precisely measures laser power including modern beam sources in the multi-kilowatt range – essential for laser beam processing performance.



Beam Measuring & Distribution of Unfocused Beams

The BeamMonitor is a measuring device for beam diagnostics of high-power IR lasers in industrial environments. With BeamMonitor you get fast and reliable determination of beam radius and beam position of the focused beam.


BeamMonitor HQ
The BeamMonitor HQ is the perfect tool for laser beam characterization. Its applications range from production monitoring to beam profiling during the adjustment of a laser resonator. The device measures the spatial power density of collimated CO2 laser beams at full power.



Beam Measuring & Distribution of Focused Beams

The FocusMonitor is a device to measure the focused laser beam with high continuous output power. Quick and reliable radius, position and beam propagation ratio of the focused laser beam are determined even in an industrial environment.


The MicroSpotMonitor is the favorite tool to investigate, qualify or simply to check (for quality control reasons) very small laser beams for instance used in laser micromachining. The device measures the power density distribution automatically at different z-positions of the beam within a few minutes.



Polarization Measuring

The PolarizationMonitor measures the direction and the degree of high-power CO2 laser radiation up to several kilowatts. This can be very important for processes which are sensitive to polarization effects such as high-pressure cutting of stainless steel, high-speed applications or 3-dimensional processing.



Beam Propagation

The LaserQualityMonitor is the perfect measurement system for the characterization and qualification of the beam propagation of lasers in the range of Ultraviolet to Near-infrared. Typical uses of the device include laser development, quality assurance in the production of laser sources, and service and maintenance.



Beam Dissipation

Absorbers are used in measuring applications where the laser radiation has to be absorbed after the measurement. Sometimes they are required in material processing to absorb the laser radiation behind the focal point. Absorbers are also used when laser sources with mechanical shutters require a beam dump.